Android Voice Email Client

Feature List

  • Reads out email from your Email Account.
  • User can reply to a email using audio or video
  • User can navigate thru the emails by clicking on the control button or using Voice Control.
  • The Voice Control command can be customized.
  • Can monitor multiple mail account
  •  This app lets user check email with minimal interaction with phone. 


This app has a pre requisite for a free TTS (Text to speech) library,for  which the user will be prompted at the start to install. This app will not work without this library.

For Voice Control and Video reply to work, Android 1.5 is needed.


Start by registering your email account, this is exactly same as registering using the Android email app


Once the email account has been registered, the accounts list comes up on the main page, with a monitor button.Press the monitor button to start monitoring the account


To Add new account click on the Add account menu and register a new mail account.


The Voice Control commands used by the apps can be modified by clicking on Voice Control Setting menu options in the main page, which brings up the Dialog in which the user can modify the commands.

Monitoring a Mail Account

Click on the Monitor button on the main page to monitor an account. This brings up the mail control activity that starts logging in to mail account. By default when monitoring starts the app will start reading all the mail received on that day. The user can change this at any time by clicking on any control buttons or using voice control.

The controls provide are,

  • Next is used to go the next message.
  • Back is used to go to the previous message.
  • Reply Audio lets you reply to the current message using Audio Recording. An alert dialog comes up which you have to click to complete the reply and send the email.
  • Reply All Audio is similar to Reply Audio except the email is sent to all that received it.
  • Reply Video lets you reply to the current message using Video Recording. The Video Recording Dialog has a send button which you have to click once you have done recording your reply and want to send the email.
  • Reply All Video is similar to Reply Video except that the message is sent to all that received it.
  • Pause is a toggle control that lets user pause the current voice read out and then continue it.
  • Repeat lets you repeat the current email.
One important feature is that if you are in the middle of an audio or video recording for reply and it gets interrupted by a phone call then the next time you get in the mail account the app will let you continue that recording. In this situation multiple audio or video recording will be sent as part of the reply.